Wife, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Nana, Sister, Sister-In-Law, Aunt. Niece, Cousin, Friend……………………….these are the relationships which have defined who I am.  My journey through this life, as “diaryofanut” will attest, has been and continues to be, greatly enriched through my everyday interactions with each person who has lovingly been placed in my world.

This blog is dedicated to “Crick” my DH (dear husband) who christened me a “nut” at the end of one of our many heated, vigorous and often times entertaining “discussions”.  Of course, he always failed to see how exasperating his perpetually optimistic “just be happy you woke up and were able to put two feet on the floor” personality could grate on the single “realistic” nerve of an OCD plagued wife :).   This “diaryofanut”  blog continues to tell the story that began on the CaringBridge website which had provided updates to our family and friends as to Crick’s progress as he battled small cell lung cancer, diagnosed in late October, 2010.  After his death one year later, I found it difficult to give up sharing with others how God’s abundant blessings graced our family with comfort, hope, strength and peace throughout our emotional journey.

And so it seems to have become my “mission” to honor all of those who have “walked the walked” with us, cried with us and laughed with us by giving testimony to the reality that there really are “angels among us”.  That they, (family and friends), by virtue of their being connected to me through bloodline or through fate, play an important role in my life on this earthly journey.  And that, as the country music group Alabama once sang about, they are:

“sent down to us from somewhere up above” …………”they come to you and me in our darkest hour, to show us how to live, to teach us how to give, to guide us with the light of love”.

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