Happy 72nd Birthday, Crick!


Over the past several years, the months of November through January 6th have become significantly bittersweet as memories of Crick flood our family’s hearts with a curious blend of  joy and sadness. Today marks what would have been his 72nd birthday and so for those who remember him, and for those who never had the pleasure (?! LOL) of meeting him, I would like to  share a short video to commemorate this consequential day.  Side note:  I always seem to find myself questioning the re-posting of the videos of Crick which are so special to me, but then I recall this quote,   “When someone dies, you don’t get over your grief by forgetting.  You get through your grief by remembering.”  It is my hope that perhaps a certain video will stir up a memory for us the “rememberers” to keep the one who is gone from us alive in heart, in mind,  and in soul.


Last night our family gathered at the Bairds’ home to celebrate Stephanie’s 45th birthday and to remember Crick.  An annual tradition that began seven years ago was the release of 10 helium-filled balloons into the winter sky by each grandchild, complete with handwritten notes to their Papa.  This year we added one more white balloon as we were joined for the evening by Deon, a little boy Stephanie and Joe fostered for nearly a year.  With each passing year, I find such comfort and joy in the knowledge that even though the grandkids are growing older, they remain eager to continue this heart-warming ritual.  Last night as I stood in the cold night air, surrounded by the entire family watching the balloons take flight up toward the stars, I could not help but imagine the smile on Crick’s face as if, in those few magical moments, we were all seemingly united once again.

“No matter what anybody says about grief and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken.”

Crick may be gone, but he is never, ever forgotten by those of us who hold his memory close in our minds and hearts.

Happy Birthday, Crick!

Love You Always, Always, Always.