Yakkr Foob Mog (Do I Have Your Attention??)

Knowledge is learning something new every day, wisdom is letting go of something every day.  Zen proverb 

I seem to be learning plenty of new things everyday………….I just can’t seem to let go of anything every day and so my OCD has kicked into overdrive and for at least the past two weeks whenever I have tried to sit myself down to post my next blog, my “own words” tend to look just like Calvin’s!!


Now while a blog is not a test of my knowledge, it is hopefully a cogent and satisfying telling of the events in my life………still…………..Yakk4 Foob Mog. Grug Pubbawup ink Wattoom GazoRk. Chumble Spuzz won’t keep any readers around for long!  Fortunately, I was just beginning to put a few coherent thoughts together after weeks of procrastinating and had logged on to WordPress and had gotten so far as to click to the new post page when the phone rang.  I obediently answered it and suddenly the act of talking to a real live human being seemed way less stressful than, much like Calvin, trying to rack my feeble brain searching for captivating words with which to create an interesting and engaging blog.  The very next day however, while “grandchildren watching” (as a “doting” grandparent, I dislike using the term “babysitting”……….in truth though, I cannot think of one grandchild who would describe me as “doting”………….. Crick, definitely!!……………me, not so much…………more along the lines of………………………….”drill sergeant”…………..well, I am my Father’s daughter after all!! For those who may not know, Dad was the youngest soldier promoted to a Major during WWII), Mayce and I were both engrossed in our own little worlds……..she in her Dora (de nada) world and me in my laptop world listening to GB (that would, of course, be Glenn Beck).  As I now, take a little cue from our President, (oh no, I am venturing closer and closer into forbidden territory!!!)!!!, I will place the blame (wink, wink) for this next stroke of misfortune on our local talk radio station, as they had just recently replaced the 9 AM to 10 AM time slot with “local” news and so I had to log on to the internet in order to listen to GB.  I was using my earphones so as not to disturb Mayce’s Spanish lesson :), and so that I could concentrate on the days’ breaking news.  Everything was working out just fine………….the two of us were quite content, (I do allow the grandchildren some R&R when our chores are completed!), but then Mayce made a decision to move to a larger screen TV in another room and after I had her re-situated, I went back into the breakfast room to get my laptop and closed the lid slightly to carry it into the living room with Mayce.  When I opened the laptop back up, I discovered a bunch of skinny rainbow-colored lines appearing on the screen both vertically and horizontally.  After repeated, unsuccessful attempts to correct the situation by shutting down and rebooting the computer,  I became quite distraught and immediately went out in search of a computer repair shop.  Dragging poor little “Maria Cecilia” away from Dora we set out on Nana’s mission to restore her lifeline to the world.  I eventually received two similar repair estimates and discovered that laptop screens are extremely fragile, and that even though I had only slightly closed the lid, the earphones, which had been left on the keyboard, came in contact with the screen and irreparably damaged the pixelation.  The repair, while not cheap, was way less expensive than purchasing a new laptop, and besides, I am very sentimentally attached to this “Oscar” as it is the one Mike Baird had so generously purchased for Crick.  Well………………………that was a short story told long, I guess my verbiage must be back on track!!  LOL

Mayce's Princesses were "co-operating" so she did not have to throw anyone against the wall LOL!!
Mayce’s Princesses were “co-operating” so she did not have to throw anyone against the wall LOL!!

For the next several weeks as Stephanie is getting acclimated to her new position on the oncology floor at Riverside Hospital, I have been trying to help out with the kids a few days a week (working around my half-day/week job!!)  and not being as young as I used to be I have been “enlisting” (an appropriate word for a “drill sergeant”) the Baird children’s’ assistance in trying to keep a sense of order in their home.  Tommy and Mayce (Luke is lucky to be at school all day……..Tommy just gets a two-hour pre-school reprieve) are quickly learning the army method of bed making (sheets tucked in tight enough to bounce a coin!!! learned that one from “Sgt.” Crick believe it or not!!!,  the correct method of taking apart and cleaning the vacuum cleaner as well as how to best utilize the attachments, how to slip a white tube sock over your hand to dust the table tops, and also,………..that walking across the kitchen counters with your shoes on is expressly forbidden!!!!!

I even provide them their very own "tools of the trade"!!
I even provide them their very own “tools of the trade”!!

The other day found me also lending a hand to Chris and Jess who placed me “in command” of two and a half-year old Josh while Christopher was putting in more study hours in preparation for the firefighter Lieutenant’s test which he  is taking this week.  I “recruited” Josh to help me pull up some of the rapidly multiplying weeds in the front yard and to tackle the task of raking up some of the left over winter debris.  I eventually discovered a landscape railroad tie that had become dislodged and so I gave it the old heave-ho and managed to return it to its proper position.  When I stood up and stepped back I heard Josh mutter, “You are strong!”  Well, I guess I can still impress a two-year old!!!  (anyone feeling a bit sorry for my grandchildren yet???)   Speaking of firefighter’s, I am reminded of a comment Sydney made to me the other day.  I am not quite certain what we were discussing, but it had to do with the timing of Christopher returning home from work as he had taken on an extra shift that day.  She looked at me rather forlornly and said sadly when I told her that Christopher wouldn’t be back until the following morning, “Nana, did you know that my Dad had to work two days in a row!!!??!!”  What????!!!!  Somewhat startled by her proclamation, I pointed out to her that there were many parents who, because they worked eight to ten hours/day went to work every single day.  But since her Dad was a fireman he had to be on duty for twenty-four hours straight and then had two days off.  Yikes!  Their young minds are always, always, always working and never cease to amaze me :)!   OMGosh, I wonder if their minds think all Grandmothers give their grandchildren a rake, garden gloves, an old sock for dusting and teach them how to use the vacuum attachments??!!  If not, I could be in big trouble!    

My Mom's First Communion picture circa 1930
My Mom’s First Communion picture circa 1930
How can an 8 year old be almost as tall as her Grandmother???
How can an 8 year old be almost as tall as her Grandmother???

Two weeks ago was a very special day for Sophia as she made her First Holy Communion at Immaculate Conception, one in a very long line of Clark family children/grandchildren/and now great-grandchildren going all of the way back to 1955.  I think our deacon, Bud Campbell perhaps said it best when he told Jessica’s RCIA group last night in speaking to us about the sacrament of the Eucharist, that if anyone has not attended a First Communion Mass, they are missing something very, very special.  He explained that there is a very appealing and uplifting sense of spirituality that is witnessed as one watches as these inspired second graders innocently, yet intensely focused, process to the altar to receive the Blessed Eucharist.  I could not agree more with Bud…………………even if you do not personally know of a First Communicant, do your weary spirit a favor and plan to attend one of the many occasions next year.  I promise you, you will come away with a smile in your heart :).  I offer this little video as a preview:

One last item on my blog “agenda” concerns a very special Mother’s Day.  I truly do realize how very fortunate I am to have my children close by to celebrate so many of life’s events.  This past Sunday proved to be no exception.  Among the many thoughtful & generous gifts that I was privileged to receive (e.g.  two huge bags of M&M’s, flowers, an address book to replace my dilapidated twenty year old book, a speaker set for my Kindle, and a brand new wicker porch swing!!!) was a canvas wall hanging (produced by Jewel Kade, Jennifer’s other “career”) given to me by Jenn, Jim, Meg, Steph, Joe, Chris & Jess.  They incorporated a few of Crick’s most infamous sayings and created yet another beautiful reminder of their Dad’s impact in each of our lives.

2013-05-14 15.49.05

Do they all still miss him?…………………..as Macye would say……………..”you betcha”!!!!  Do I still miss him??  “You betcha”…………………………..every………………..single.…………….day!!!!!!  

As I continue along life’s journey without my “better half”, I am comforted by this passage from Jesus Calling:

You are on the path of My choosing.  There is no randomness about your life.  Here and Now comprise the coordinates of your daily life.  Most people let their moments slip through their fingers, half-lived.  They avoid the present by worrying about the future or longing for a better time and place.  They forget that they are creatures who are subject to the limitations of time and space. They forget their Creator who walks with them only in the present.

Every moment is alive with My glorious Presence, to those whose hearts are intimately connected with Mine.  As you give yourself more and more to a life of constant communion with Me, you will find that you simply have no time for worry.  Thus, you are freed to let My Spirit direct your steps, enabling you to walk along the path of Peace.             Jesus Calling

Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your lifespan?  If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you anxious about the rest?       Luke 12: 25-26



P.S.  Still haven’t figured out the changing font size…….another problem for another day :)

P.P.S.  That. Is. All