As I Have Done For You

I had thought to wait until after the Easter weekend to post a new journal, but having just returned from Holy Thursday Mass, I was inspired by a hymn which I don’t believe I have ever heard before.   As family members are well aware, I am not a huge fan of the music selections our organist chooses & so, in protest, I rebelliously refrain from singing!……………….. (perhaps this is in God’s plan, so as to keep the parishoners from fleeing from the church at the sound of my Watterson Glee Club voice??!!).  For me, there is a profound sense of peace which I have always been able to embrace at this Easter Tridium service.  This peace that I experience, comes not only because the Holy Thursday liturgy is celebrated in the serenity of evening (due to the fact that Passover started at sundown), but also, because of the many sacred rituals & traditions…………the incense, the washing of the feet, the solemn procession of the Eucharist, the choir singing Pange Lingua & the stripping of the altar in preparation for Good Friday.

And as I am sitting here in this somber & reflective mode, it strikes me, that each time I lose someone very close to me, Christ’s love inevitably draws me closer to Him.   The blessing of this peace comes as I more fully understand & appreciate the self-emptying love that He exemplified through His life, death & resurrection & which He, calls on us all to “pour ourselves out for one another”.

I just want to say to God……………..that……………I think I am finally “getting it” now…………………….& Crick is saying to God………………..take it from me……………….. Mare is a real slow learner!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………….. & God is saying to Crick…………………………..that is why she is still down there!!!!!!!

Here then is the hymn whose melody & words touched my heart & soul:

                                              As I Have Done For You

“I, your Lord & Master, now become your servant………I, who made the moon & stars, will kneel to wash your feet.  This is my Commandment, to love as I have loved you……………kneel to wash each other’s feet as I have done for you.

All the world will know, you are my disciple, by the love that you offer, the kindness you show.  You have heard the voice of God, in the words that I have spoken.   You beheld heaven’s glory & have seen the face of God. (Refrain)

I must leave you now, only for  a moment, I must go to my Father, to make you a home.  On the day of my return, I will come to take you with me, to the place I have promised, where your joy will have no end. (Refrain)

I am like the vine, you are the branches.  If you cling to my teaching, you surely will live.  If you make your home in me, I will come to dwell within you.  You can count on my mercy, when you ask for what you need.  (Refrain)

I have called you friends, now no longer servants.  What I have told in secret, the world longs to know.  There can be no greater love, than to give your life for another.  As the Father has loved me, so I love you as my own.  (Refrain)

You will weep for now, while the world rejoices.  But the tears of your sorrow, will soon turn to joy.  As a mother cries in child-birth & her pain is turned to gladness, you will know great rejoicing, on the day of my return.  (Refrain)

I will give you peace, this will be my blessing.  Though the world churns around you, I leave you my peace.   I have told you all these things, that my peace may dwell within you.  Let your faith be unshaken & your hope be everlasting.” (Refrain)

May you all feel the blessing of God’s peace this Easter!


P.S.  Stay tuned for the FINAL FOUR “pity party”!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “As I Have Done For You

  1. MM, your post is beautiful as is this hymn. I will be remembering those loved ones who we have lost in the outdoor way of the cross walk this afternoon which our 4 churches participate in every Good Friday (9 yrs now.)

    I also enjoy these Holy Week services since they are extremely important to make Easter special and not just another day.

    May you and yours have a very blessed Easter Season.

    The other “wiener” from whs!


  2. Thanks for the beautiful song! Our Faith is so rich and beautiful -thanks for enlightening us with so many lessons that you are experiencing on your journey!
    Thinking a lot about you after hearing of the loss of the three local National Guardsmen in Afganistan…… I am sure Mr.S is saluting them as soon as they pass by St.Peter at the gates!
    Wishing you an Easter filled with Peace and Comfort!
    P.S. I also thought of u yesterday when we were leaving to go out of town….Sean and kids were in the car ( it was running and ready to go) while I was still vacuuming the house:)


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